Why an in-home Spa treatment is the new trend after Covid-19 lockdown is lifted?

in home spa treatment

One thing that has been reported on the rise in the past few months is the negative impact covid-19 has had on our mental health and overall wellbeing. Some of the reasons for this negativity is due to social distancing, isolation, lack of human touch and definitely no spa or beauty treatments from the professionals.

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It’s therefore not surprising that when lockdowns are lifted, you are going to be looking and desiring to engage in those things such as spa treatments, massages etc , that can improve your wellbeing and restore your sanity. For some, human therapeutic touch is an essential part of their lifestyles and for others, this will be an addition, a new experience to their lifestyle choices.

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With the good news of the reopening of spas and salons in April, let us not forget safety precautions are going to be quite strict. There are still going to be restrictions on numbers of people using/ visiting the spa/ salon at any given time and how long you can stay there and this takes away the relaxation experience that you need.

At Home Spa Treatments                      spa outdoors
What you really want is a relaxing day with exceptionally good treatments by passionate and friendly therapists.
The good news is Giana understands your needs and has a solution for this dilemma. That is to receive that wonderful spa experience and treatments in the comfort, flexibility and tranquillity of your home. We actually bring you all the accessories needed to create that spa environment without you having to travel somewhere and being told to wait while someone else finishes or worrying about driving back home when your body feels completely relaxed .
Having a spa therapist coming to your home means you have chosen the time you want and you shall have it, with peace of mind, not worrying about traffic, all you need to do is show us the space and we will be ready for you in no time. We are not sending you just a mobile massage or skin therapist but we focus on the quality of the whole experience, including treatments and the environment you receive it in, for a complete wellbeing. So even though you are in your house, you are translated to Giana Spa, for a gracious touch with a wonder-feel experience.

We use professional grade products so you will not miss out on your favourites.

So you like a day-out with your friends? Well, a day-in with your mates is even better. You can have your champagne, cocktails, wine and some bites if you chose to, it’s in your home after all. Summer is on its way and you can even relax in the garden and have your spa day there under the sun. Our team can adapt to your chosen room or environment.

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We have seen posts on social media of people installing saunas and hot tubs in their gardens. Others have personal gyms and swimming pools already. I guess it goes without saying that a visit from the g-therapist(s) is the cherry on the top. Private spa parties could be just what you and your friends need after months of lockdown.

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So what are you waiting for, book your appointment now before you miss your favourite slot. As a welcome gift, we are giving you a FREE 30 minutes treatment when you book any one treatment from our menu. No callout fee too for the first booking.




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Hope to see you soon!

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A gracious touch for a wonder-feel experience!

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