What You Can Expect From a Mobile Massage Session

Deep Tissue Massage

Mobile or in-home massage is transforming the way people enjoy and benefit from massage. Now, people from all walks of life have access to a massage from the comfort of their own home. Mobile / in-home massages are becoming very popular and are a great way to promote health and wellness. Choosing a mobile/ in-home massage therapist for the first time can feel daunting however here are some things you can expect from a mobile /in-home massage session that will make you relax and comfortable to book one.

Steps for Mobile massage therapy

Mobile massage therapy can be offered by a massage therapist at various locations to the client, wherever they may be. Most often the massage therapist visits the client at their home, hotel, or office. Giana mobile/in-home massage therapists provide spa-quality massages at the client’s site. To do this, the mobile massage therapist carries everything they need – a massage table, oils, candles, music, etc. – to offer an authentic spa-quality massage.

Book your Mobile massage session

If you would like to book a professional mobile / in-home massage in Kent, UK  please click on here: giana.life/in-home-massages/.

You can also contact us on 01622 962188 or email [email protected].

Treatments include  Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Lava shell massage, Aromatherapy massage and Pregnancy Massage.

Our site also allows you to create an account so that your details are registered once for all times that you make your bookings and keep updated with any special offers. Register at giana.life/my-account/ directly.

You can then book your massage with your preferred location, timings and date. After your booking gets confirmed you will receive conformation from the therapist on the same day. On the day of your appointment, your designated therapist(s) will confirm the booking again to make sure nothing has changed, 2-6 hours prior to appointment via text or email, whichever is your reliable method of communication. Please inform your therapist of the nearest parking details and /or restrictions for easy access and efficiency.

So, what should I do at home to prepare for mobile massage?


Our therapists use oils or creams to help soothe sore muscles and to promote relaxation. Prior to your treatment but on the day of your massage, we recommend you are dressed in your underwear and a towel or dressing gown over you, just as you would on a day spa.

We recommend to follow these simple steps given below

  • Our Therapist will arrive on time, so please make sure you are at your home or office, wherever you are booked for the treatment.
  • Please make sure there is enough space for 1 couch (for singles) or 2 couches (for doubles) and enough room to manoeuvre.
  • Please provide access to water for treatment use and available switch for any plug in devices for use during treatment.
  • Show your therapist where you would like your treatment to take place and they will explain to you the treatment procedure.
  • You are required to wear your underwear at all times during your treatment.
  • We do not tolerate any requests to be inappropriately uncovered.

What can I expect during a home massage?

During your massage, your therapist will focus on the areas of concern you specify and work to alleviate them with targeted pressure and gentle manipulation. They will have asked questions to find out more about your medical conditions and personal preferences during consultation. This allows them to provide the most personalized treatment.

Your therapist will double check with you the answers on your consultation form so they can tailor your treatment to your needs. Please make your therapist aware of any injuries and allergies you have and areas of your body you want to focus on. Feel free to communicate with your therapist about the pressure or if you happen to feel any pain. Please note you may incur moderate pain with deep tissue massages but that should subside in 24-48 hours.

After the treatment, your therapist will allow you 3-5 minutes to slowly get up and get dressed. Once you are up they will give you aftercare, obtain feedback and sign off the booking. A callout fee is not included in the treatment amount and should be paid to the therapist before the end of your session.

Therapists will then clear the room and leave. We recommend that you have a treatment every 2-4 weeks to maintain a balanced wellbeing. You can simply rebook on the website.

Concerns about having a mobile massage therapist visit your home

Worried about letting a complete stranger into your home? Don’t be. Only professional therapists with clean reference checks are listed on our online booking system. They are accountable, responsible and professional. We also ensure the security of our therapists through the online booking system.

Things to do after a Mobile massage session

We recommend our clients to follow the instructions provided by our therapist after massage is over. You need to drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and improve circulation (no alcohol) and not engage in strenuous activities immediately after your treatment.

Pros and cons of mobile massage therapy

Mobile or In-home Massage therapy offers a lot of benefits to the recipient. Some of them are:

  • Reducing stress & anxiety – Relaxation for you and soothing for the body.
  • Reducing pain & soreness – Easing the chronic pain that comes with joint, muscle or tendon problems.
  • Lowering heart rate & blood pressure – Feeling less stressed and more relaxed, without medications.
  • Improving immune function – Reducing doctor’s visits
  • Improves your physical health and mental wellbeing
  • Improves performance at work and better relationships with others when not stressed
  • It’s a lifestyle financial and time commitment that improves your general performance at work or at home. THE LONG TERM HEALTH  BENEFITS OUTWEIGH THE CONSTRAINTS.
  • Massage has been used for centuries as a means by which to improve health and well-being. The practice has been proven to be effective at relieving many conditions, such as anxiety, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia related to stress, low back pain, nerve pain, soft tissue injuries and sports injuries.
  • Massage  is not appropriate for people with bleeding disorders, taking blood-thinning medications, or who have open wounds or burns. It can be dangerous if you have deep vein thrombosis (DVT), infections, broken bones (fractures), or osteoporosis.

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