Wellness Skipping Rope Challenge

skipping rope challenge

Author: Pamela Sithole(BSc, Aesthetic/Beauty/Massage/Skin Therapist, Organic Skincare Formulator)

It’s not easy to stay fit during lockdown even though you have plenty of time at hand. It’s during this pandemic that I have discovered the amazing benefits of skipping rope and how easily it can be incorporated into your daily routine.

Skipping rope is great for your wellbeing, physically and mentally!


  1. The whole family can take part from the age of 5.
  2. It’s very affordable-all you need is a skipping rope.
  3. Can be done in the minimum spaces available i.e. garden, driveway or indoors if you have high ceilings.
  4. Effective even in short intervals.
  5. It’s fun and refreshing, good break time activity, away from your computer!
  6. Can be a good hobby to take on.
  7. No experience needed, quite easy to learn.


  • Promotes blood and lymphatic circulation in the whole body.
  • Encourages bowel movement, helps if you are suffering from constipation.
  • Improves body coordination.
  • Helps burn calories in a short period of time.
  • Increased strength in your muscles, ligaments, tendons, foot and ankles.
  • Promotes a positive mindset.
  • Boosts your mood, helps fight stress and depression.
  • Improves concentration, memory, and become more mentally alert.


  • Three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening)
  • Minimum Number of skips per interval =( 100 – YOUR  AGE ) e.g. if you are 30, you aim 70 skips without stopping. The younger you are, the more you do.
  • Do it 5 times per session, i.e. morning will be 70 x 5 = 350, afternoon =350 and evening =350. Take 10-20 seconds break between each interval to catch a breath.
  • Challenge yourself to do at least 5 days in the week.


  • Skip rope puts a strain on your knees and metatarsals, so if you have problems already in those areas, or any other underlying health conditions please consult your doctor first.
  • The first time you do this activity, your ankles, feet, lower leg muscles(soleus and gastrocnemius) may hurt, however like any exercise you keep going, the soreness will decrease. Unless it’s really a bad pain that lasts a long time then please discontinue.
  • Wear comfortable trainers with a good cushion and avoid skipping rope while barefooted especially on hard surfaces.
  • Choose the right size of rope for your height: nortechskippingropes.co.uk/jump-ropes/size-guide.aspx
  • If you have never skipped before check out this link: jumpropedudes.com


At the end of the day it is important to wind down, take care of those muscles and bones especially your legs.

Below are suggestions to follow:

  • A warm bath, with Epsom bath salts and add a few drops of chamomile essential oil, citrus oils, frankincense oil or ylang ylang oils.check : mindbodygreen.com for a comprehensive list of oils that you can use and those to avoid.
  • Massage your legs after your bath, applying the Spa Body Active Rub Muscle Ease ,  www.giana.life/product/spa-body-active-rub-muscle-ease/

health benefits of skipping rope daily

  • Drink plenty of water during the day and eat healthy.
  • Book with a professional massage therapist regularly, our g-team is available to come to your home if you are based in Kent.
  • Giana’s Foot & Leg Stress relief treatment will also be an ideal regular treatment,                                                            www.giana.life/in-home-skincare/
  • Finally, take a good rest, you deserve it!

benefits of skipping rope

Happy Skipping !! xx

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