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Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit

At Giana we are deeply invested in quality relaxation techniques. Our wide range of spa therapies and treatments can help you relax and invigorate your body and mind. Treat yourself with De-stress & Glow, Stress Relief Warm Body Deluxe Treatment and many other options available because at Giana, we see something special in you!

From 2023, all special packages that include skin treatments are now offered at our sister company:



Our Special Massage therapy Services

A special massage is like no other. At Giana, we provide a relaxing experience for those who need it most. Our therapists have an eye for the finer details and work magic on the human body during their journeys of bliss. If you’re looking to be reassured from stress, or trying to get relief from sore and stiff muscles, we’re in your neighbourhood! We are ready to assist you with booking a customised massage session at our spa today!

De-stress & Glow £90 | 85 mins

Proper skin care and treatment should not be reserved for the face only and end on the chin. The neck and chest areas are among the most delicate exposed areas of the body and are tell-tale signs that the ageing process has begun. This targeted upper body massage treatment offered in Maidstone and other Kent areas targets major muscles in the neck, chest and shoulders as these are the most common areas of tension in the upper body due to repetitive motions or weak posture. We use deep and firm massage techniques to stimulate the nerves and promote the release of pain-relieving and well-being hormones.

This massage/skin therapy treatment is suitable for those suffering from upper body tension and stress headaches. We will start with a targeted neck and shoulder touch therapy to relieve muscle tension and mental stress issues that you may be experiencing. We then kick off the Proskin 60 facial treatment with a detailed skin analysis followed by the full facial treatment up to the chest, including a facial massage, giving you a relaxed, replenished, and rejuvenated skin and body outcome.

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Head Back On Foot 90mins|£85

Introducing you to our signature revitalising foot and leg treatment, a detoxifying full body scrub to slough off dead skin and wrap to draw out impurities, winding down with a back, neck, shoulder and scalp massage, You will have supple skin as well as a relaxed body and mind.

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Luxurious Heel-top 120mins|£120

Your journey begins with a gentle body buff to improve circulation followed by the revitalising foot treatment leading to de-knotted and relaxed muscles with either our full body deep tissue(firm) or aromatherapy( light) massage. We complete this experience with the pro skin 30 facial and the giana scalp touch, leaving you fresh faced and completely balanced.

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Stress Relief Warm Body Deluxe 105 mins|£125

This treatment will invigorate and allows deep relaxation by combining warmth and Swedish/deep tissue massage techniques of  lava shells to those tough, tight and aching muscles in a full body massage. Its completed with the essential proskin 30 dermalogica facial and scalp massage, creating a sense of complete well-being.

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Pick- Me -up 105mins| £95

Includes our results driven pro skin 60, de-stressing scalp, neck ,shoulder, hand and arm massage. Leaving you toned and refreshed with a revitalising foot treatment. If you do not want the foot treatment then the De-stress & Glow package massage deal will be ideal.

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Mom -to-be Trip 120mins| £135

Drift away to a place of peace and tranquillity. This trip will get you instant relief to tired feet and leg muscles, stimulates lymphatic flow and circulation. Continue to enjoy a full body warm oil pregnancy massage without any discomfort on your baby bum but with all the well-being benefits to the baby too. Ease those sore muscles while you feel completely relaxed. Will bring you back with our refreshing pro skin 60 dermalogica facial for dewy healthy skin.

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