Pregnancy Massage: Precautions

A pregnancy massage gets done to address the tight spots that may be exacerbated by pregnancy, all while keeping you and your baby’s safety in mind. A pregnancy massage can provide welcome relief to a growing pregnant body. Massage can offer many benefits, including reduced back and leg pain as well as improved mood. No matter your reasons for seeking out a pregnancy massage (to get rid of aches or simply because you want yourself pampered), there are a few things to keep in mind before you pursue this relaxing pursuit. 

This blog will walk you through the precautions to take during pregnancy massage and benefits of getting a pregnancy massage.

Pregnancy Massage Benefits

  • Therapeutic for both mother and baby

During pregnancy, massage is soothing and makes one feel good; it gives many therapeutic benefits. Massaging can help soothe a mother’s body as it undergoes many hormonal changes, making her body challenging and stressful. In addition, getting a massage while pregnant can also relieve common discomforts associated with pregnancy.

  • Reduces muscle pain

A massage can ease acute pains and muscle spasms. Pressure gets increased on the joints during pregnancy which puts stress on the back, neck, shoulders, and pelvis. Pregnancy also relaxes ligaments and tendons around joints, making them less stable. Less stable joints can change posture and begin to irritate soft tissues. Massage can help alleviate these aches and pains by relaxing muscles.

  • Improves immune system

Massage improves blood circulation, enabling oxygen and nutrients to get distributed throughout the body. Toxins are flushed away for pregnant mothers and their fetuses. No toxins mean both, mother and child receive the nutrients needed for health. Massages also help strengthen a pregnant woman’s immune system to fight off infections more easily.

  • Lowers risk of prenatal depression

Moderate pressure and touch stimulate the skin, activating nerve receptors to calm the mind. Touch is helpful to regulate many things like pulse and respiration via vagus nerve stimulation. Regular pregnancy massage helps women to reduce the chances of prenatal depression.

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Precautions for Prenatal Massage

Giving a prenatal massage is meant to nurture and nourish you, both physically and mentally, so make sure that you are in the right frame of mind to enjoy it by putting your fears about whether or not you and your baby are safe at rest. Prenatal massages are similar to regular ones, but there are just a few safety tips to consider when expecting.

We recommend that you lie on your side (propped up by pillows if necessary) for massages for the second trimester and beyond, as this helps reduce back pain. Although some massage tables offer a belly cutout feature, lying with your belly draped over the table can also put pressure on your abdomen. We advise that pregnant women avoid having their bellies as a focal point during massages. For this reason, it is also common practice not to position massage tables directly in front of chairs, so you don’t need to strain yourself when climbing onto them. If you are going through an afternoon or evening session and want to stay seated, be sure to ask for the use of a unique cushion specially designed to make your massage more comfortable while fully seated.

Frequency of treatments 

There is no standard answer to this question since each pregnancy and each woman is different, but we recommend women see a massage therapist for relief a minimum of once or twice a month. It can also be once a week, depending on how much comfort it gives and how often you want to get massaged.


Pregnancy massage can be pretty helpful in many ways. These massages can help with specific ailments like nausea, back pain, and much more. However, as with any other kind of massage, you must find someone to do it regularly who knows what they are doing. 

Our therapists at Giana have been specially trained for pregnancy massages to ensure both the mother and the baby are safe and comfortable during the experience. To book an appointment with our experts fill out this form

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