Our Brand Philosophy

Giana invites you to a life changing HOLISTIC WELLBEING journey that gives you experiences that go beyond the power of touch but graciously bring healing and relaxation to the mind, body and soul in the comfort of your home or workplace. With the intensity of life taking us off balance daily in our senses, and mental wellbeing, pursuing wellness is no longer a luxury but a necessity to bring back that balance and peace of mind.

Our highly experienced, professional and passionate therapists will take you on a personal wellbeing journey, combining your suitable choice of treatments, use of pure and evidence based products with active ingredients, a proven track record and excellent support systems. You will not only enjoy the experience but leave you rejuvenated, relaxed and empowered to overcome challenges to your body, skin and mind.

We purposefully and passionately create a spa ambience of aromas, music and lights within your home for that relaxing, peaceful and healing environment. We believe in delivering excellent services, hence our staff are carefully selected and continuously trained to provide the best of treatments in skincare and massages for your complete wellbeing.