Please note, prices do not reflect the actual amounts to be paid. Total payment due is charged based on location, travel expenses, time of appointment, tips, discounts, or other factors. The minimum due for travel expenses is FREE in therapist’s local area and from £20 outside (depends on mileage) ,which is paid directly to your therapist.


  • Welcome pack
  • Preferential booking slots
  • Earn points to spend on Products or off treatment
  • A 30 minutes massage every month
  • Free face mask treatment with every 60/75/90/120 minute massage OR Free foot treatment with every 60/75/90/120 minute massage
  • Birthday and Christmas presents
  • Free selected giana merchandise
  • Free entry into giana wellness / lifestyle events

How It Works

  • Your monthly membership price will be automatically drafted from your debit or credit card each month, entitling you to all the benefits.
  • You may choose to pay by standing order instalments yearly at discounted price or monthly.
  • You can have as many sessions as you want within any one month
  • Membership is not transferable between families
  • The membership monthly fee is specified on the application above. As long as your membership monthly payment is made you will be considered an active member in good standing. If through no fault of ours, your payment account does not contain sufficient funds to complete the transaction, or your payment account or credit card does not otherwise permit the transaction to be executed, you will be charged a £25 insufficient funds fee.
  • If you miss payments for 3 month in a role, your monthly membership will be cancelled, however you have the option to pay the full amount at once.
  • We will contact you to update your account with a working payment method. You have the right to receive a notice in the event that we make any change to the terms and conditions of your membership that will vary the amount to be periodically billed to your account specified above. Except as expressly provided herein, we may modify our services or the terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time without notice and such modifications shall be deemed effective immediately upon making such changes.
  • Bookings are done on the website and you will be allocated a membership number once you join.
  • We will give you 14 days cooling off period of which you can cancel without incurring any charges. You can continue with your booking however you will  only receive any gift packages after the 14 days .