Lower Back Pain-causes and how massage can help

Back pain has become a common problem. People in the age group of 30 – 55 suffer more from it and in fact, nearly one third of the population in the United Kingdom suffers from lower back pain. There are several causes of lower back pain that affect men and women. Some common causes are: Lifting heavy weights, wrong posture while sitting for a long time, during and post delivery complications for women, sciatica or sleeping in an improper manner.

Massage therapy can provide therapeutic pain relief for many lower back issues. Massage therapy is useful against pain caused by a back strain because it can target the specific muscles that are causing you pain, hence reducing its intensity and duration, allowing you to enjoy the full-back life! In this blog we are going to help you understand the causes of lower back pain and how massage therapy promotes relief from it.

Causes of lower back pain

Many people have a fear that their back pain is due to something serious like a spinal condition. The most common cause of backaches is physical inactivity, injury, both; poor posture and obesity, stress and even a simple movement like picking something up wrongly or lifting too heavy an object from one place to another.

Ways to relieve Lower Back Pain

A lot of people have different strategies for alleviating back pain. The problem with so many medications and remedies is that they can be problematic depending on the person who takes them and that’s why we say you need a careful approach when it comes to trying out new methods.

Everyone’s body is different which means treatments often work differently depending on the individual, just as our advice should not be generalized as a rule but rather viewed as one treatment option, though potentially helpful in certain situations. That said, there are certain methods that tend to be beneficial, whereas others can actually make the matters worse, so it’s important to find out what works best for each person. There are some natural methods we support for relieving back pain such as:

  • Applying Ice
  • Taking Rest
  • Using Heat
  • Stretching
  • Postural support aids
  • Massage

Lower Back Massage

Back pain is the most common musculoskeletal disorder worldwide. A lower back massage targets a number of muscles around the lower vertebrae including the gluteus maximus and quadratus lumborum. It can be caused by factors including poor posture or stress-related tension, but many cases of chronic lower back pain have no obvious cause. Lower back massages help to relieve tension and soreness through increased blood flow and by encouraging healthy cells to regenerate faster which helps ease stiffness/soreness and improves mobility – as well as reducing nervous tension!

well being massage

Techniques used in Lower back massage

Massage uses a combination of techniques. Which technique your therapist will use depends on the goals of your massage therapy.
Some of the best massage techniques for lower back pain include:
Myofascial release

Benefits of Lower back massage

Massaging the lower back is good for the treatment of acute pain due to its effects of relaxing muscle tissues. Massage also increases blood flow through the muscles, relieves stress and prevents lactic acid from building up in the tissue that leads to inflammation. It can also help increase healthy movement while at the same time preventing further damage to areas prone to injuries as a result of strain or incorrect movement due to overcompensation.

What are the best types of massage for lower back pain?

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a type of massage that focuses on relaxation and complete rest. Therapists use various techniques to complete the session which are also incorporated in other types of massages. Swedish massage uses repeated long, gliding strokes with pressure to ensure all muscles are released as peacefully as possible so that one remains deeply relaxed during the session.

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is ideal for people who have chronic and/or widespread pain due to a buildup of scarred tissues from injuries. It’s also very helpful for people with stiff, painful joints in the neck or shoulders, or stiff muscles throughout the back since all of these areas tend to hold onto unnecessary tensions and can benefit greatly from getting worked on by someone experienced with this type of therapy!

The best massage for back pain

With so many kinds of massage therapy available today, choosing the best one for lower back pain can be confusing. However, whether deep tissue or relaxing massages are more effective for symptom relief is still a point of research. Instead, it may be most important to find a good massage therapist that will determine what combination and intensity of techniques provide you with the most relief from your lower back pain symptoms .

Ways Massage Eases Back Pain

Have you ever gone to a massage therapist for a back pain massage? If not, why not give it a try sometime? Massage therapy works by stretching and lengthening our muscle fibers, as well as directing a rush of blood to particularly tight or inflamed areas. This brings both nutrients and oxygen to the area, as well as helping to release any buildup of lactic acid. The effects of massage therapy tend to be cumulative, but some people say they feel lighter after their very first massage session. Massage can also help release any trapped nerves which may be the cause of the pain and once they are released and soothed, one may feel a relief after.

Giana and Lower back pain massage

Giana offers a combination of Swedish and Deep tissue massage or either one of them depending on the severity of the case.Giana also offers heat massage by the use of Lava Shells( popular in these winter months) to help improve blood flow, warm the muscles and give the body confort. Many people have experienced relaxation after one or two sessions, depending on pain. The massage therapist will give a consultation first to know your pain trouble and adjust the therapy to suit your body.

The session can last for an hour or two depending on your case. For booking your session, follow the simple link giana.life/contact


Lower back pain affects your quality of life and reduces your productivity at work. There are several medical as well as non – medical treatment options available to reduce lower back pain. In our opinion, non-medical options are best since they have no side effects on your body. Massage therapy is one of the most effective treatment options for lower back pain.

Therapies such as massages are not just for those who like to indulge at luxury spas and upscale resorts. There are actually a number of benefits that can come from a lower back massage, especially if you have been experiencing any pain associated with an intense workout – but even if you don’t, it is still something that anyone, of any age or gender, should consider getting periodically. The great thing about a massage is that it brings forth several benefits, including those to the body as well as those to the mind and soul. It can help improve circulation and relieve tension headaches as well as shoulder and neck pain.

Our massage therapists at Giana are trained to relieve pain in the lower back regions, whether it be caused by tension or stress. To find out more, visit Giana.

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