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Get a relaxing Giana Massage Therapy in Gravesend to revive and heal the body in a way that fosters a feeling of well-being. We promote wellness and fitness through therapeutic massage techniques that manipulate soft tissues and muscles by applying low and high pressure. Our massage therapists are well equipped to serve clients who need preventive health care and those who seek to relieve pain related to conditions like migraines, back pain, arthritis etc., among many other applications.



Angela Hammond
Angela Hammond
Pam is by far the most professional and knowledgeable massage therapist I’ve experienced! Amazing at home service - she turned my home into a spa and I enjoyed much needed massage therapy without the hassle of a commute! Absolutely brilliant! Can’t recommend her higher! Worth every penny! Thanks Pam!
Kayleigh Insley
Kayleigh Insley
Wonderful treatment enjoyed at home. Thank you ?
Sarah Fasina-Thomas
Sarah Fasina-Thomas
Booked a Swedish massage for my husband’s birthday and it was such a great experience! I booked in with Pam who came nice and early to set up and was very professional. Will definitely be booking again.
Sophie Fannon
Sophie Fannon
One of the best massages I’ve had in a long time. Arrive ahead of my appointment, made me feel relaxed. I highly recommend. Can’t wait for Pam to be back in august. Xx
Rebecca Weatherill
Rebecca Weatherill
Amazing massage as usual! ⭐️ Highly recommend you treat yourself!

Our massage therapists in Gravesend

Our Massage Therapists are passionate about helping you feel your best and strive to give relaxing, therapeutic massages that help bring your health to the next level! Each therapist serving the Gravesend area works in their own unique and effective way. By mixing a variety of techniques with a special touch and just the right amount of pressure, we can rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit all at once. Sign up for an excellent massage experience today!
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Wellness treatments in Gravesend

At Giana, we specialise in physical pain relief, problematic skin improvement , and mobile/in-home massage. Our massage therapists offer various massage services in the Gravesend area, including Swedish, Deep tissue/ Sports, prenatal, aromatherapy and lava shell massages. Moreover, you can incorporate treatments that include energising foot treatments ,face mapping with customised facial treatments to achieve smoother, clearer and younger-looking skin.
We have massage services for Corporate clients that include wellness chair massages for employees to relieve stress and aid productivity all day long! We also offer wellness treatments for events, parties and social groups.
We work with you to customize each service session according to your specific needs.

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Absolutely! If you visit our store page, you will be able to gift any treatment /membership/ product or a monetary giana gift card redeemable on any of the our services and/products.

Yes. After your massage, you can prioritize a therapist you’d like to see again. The next time you book, we’ll make every effort to pair you with your prioritized therapist(s).

Yes, your therapist will provide a massage table and all accessories for your appointment.

Your therapist will always bring the table to your treatment. The massage tables vary in size, however, to give you an idea, a standard table has the below measurements:

Dimensions: 184cm x 63.5cm

Max working capacity: 450lbs/240kg

Your treatment will always need to take place on the therapist’s treatment table for health and safety reasons. Requests to have a treatment on a bed or surface other than the table will not be tolerated by your therapist and they have the right to leave without providing a treatment should the situation arise. You will be charged the full amount for your treatment in this instance, as per our cancellation policy.

Make sure there’s enough space to accommodate the massage table, leaving enough space for the therapist to move around it – a 3x2m space for singles and double that for two is ideal. Please make sure you have chosen the room and cleared the space before your therapist arrives so you don’t lose your treatment time.

We accept several forms of payment:

  • Visa Debit/ credit card
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal account
  • giana gift card or coupon
  • Direct Bank transfer (Select the On-site payment option on checkout then do bank transfer)
  • Standing Order

When you confirm your booking, your selected payment method is charged.

When prompted during the booking process, simply add or select your preferred method of payment. You will always be asked to confirm the total amount before completing your booking.

All treatments to be paid for online or by bank transfer using our preferred payment methods. At the time of booking, the payment method selected for your treatment will be charged and a receipt emailed to you.

Tipping a therapist is entirely at your discretion and is given in cash to therapist.
Call out fee required depending on your location and can be payable directly to therapist by cash, direct bank transfer or card payment system (*if therapist accepts that method). Alternatively you can add to your treatment cost. This is non-refundable once therapist has visited your premises.

You should receive a receipt automatically after your booking has taken place to the email address on the account you booked with. If you require a receipt for insurance purposes for your booking, you can contact us and we’ll send you a receipt via email. Receipts and invoices are issued from giana on behalf of your therapist.

All our therapists on our platform have passed our strict reference checks, are fully qualified and clean touch certified, and insured and comply with our high expectations. They undergo regular industry training to keep up to date with the current trends and innovation.

You can change the date, time, cancel and re-book your appointment by logging into your account:

You can amend your appointment at any time following your booking, but please note that fees will apply if you wish to make an amendment to your booking within 24 hours of your agreed appointment time. Your fees will be explained to you before making the amendment, as per our cancellation terms.You can also contact us by phone or email and we will do it for you.

For in-home treatments, you can undress to a level you are comfortable with but you are required to wear your underwear at all times during your treatment. Requests to be inappropriately uncovered will not be tolerated by your therapist.

If you are having a facial or back massage you can keep your bottom wear on as long its loose and comfortable so you can freely rewind.

On arrival, once you have shown your therapist where you’d like your treatment to take place, they will step outside so you can get undressed in privacy. At the end of the treatment, your therapist will leave the room to allow you to slowly get up and dress.

Please note: All services found on giana are entirely therapeutic and non-sexual. Requests to be inappropriately uncovered will not be tolerated by your therapist and they have the right to leave without providing a treatment should the situation arise. You will be charged the full amount for your treatment in this instance, per our cancellation policy.

Once you have booked one of our therapist will contact you to confirm your booking. At the time of making the booking, you are also able to leave any relevant appointment notes for your therapist under the ‘Notes’ section on your upcoming appointment. You can provide parking information, whether you have stairs or simply anything that you think would be helpful to make them aware of before the treatment.

If you wish to extend the time you have booked during your treatment, your therapist will endeavour to fulfil your request, but it is subject to their availability and treatment requirements. This extension will be subject to an additional charge, in accordance with our treatment prices. If changing treatment this will be charged against the payment method used to book your treatment.

We understand that sometimes things happen and you may be delayed to your treatment. Try not to worry. You will be able to contact your therapist via email to let them know of your delay.

You can also contact our dedicated giana team who are on hand from 9am-9pm, so that they can alert your therapist.

The therapist will stay and give you as much of a treatment as possible, but please note that they may not be able to complete the full booking past your scheduled appointment time in the event of other bookings that they need to attend.

If you’re running extremely late and won’t be able to make your treatment, please contact our dedicated Customer Service team and we can look to reschedule your appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: As per our cancellation policy, you will be charged for the full cost of the treatment if you fail to attend your booking at the agreed appointment time, or reschedule due to extreme lateness.

We understand that plans can change quickly, but our appointment cancellation policy is designed to protect the relationship between you and your therapist.

If you are not satisfied with any part of our service or would like to speak to our customer service team please email : [email protected]. One of our team will respond to you within 24-48 hours.

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