Everything you wanted to know about Face Mapping and acne

Beauty is a tricky concept. It’s not definitive, and is subjective by definition. But, healthy skin is something that always makes us feel and look beautiful, naturally. Face mapping is an effective method for getting healthy skin by analyzing and getting to the bottom of specific skin complaints. Clients get informed about their skin and body, and how they should treat it to get long-term results. This blog will help you know the importance of Face mapping and how Giana helps you with it.

How does Face mapping work?

Face mapping is a type of skin analysis primarily based on traditional beauty practices that have been prevalent for centuries. It divides the skin into 14 zones, including the forehead, under-eyes, mouth, nose, and chin and analyzes each zone closely for any skin defects. Combining this technique with modern, scientific expertise allows for a thorough skin evaluation. It helps to achieve an effective plan for treatment when it comes to skincare.Face mapping helps us identify skin conditions such as dehydration, sensitivity, breakouts, comedones, blackheads, oiliness, ageing lines, hyperpigmentation, enlarged or congested pores and many others.

Reading Your Breakouts

Breakouts result from imbalances that occur in various parts of the body. Find out what your breakout locations might be saying about your body and how you can reduce flare-ups in your usual “acne hotspots.”

Breakouts sometimes get triggered by certain lifestyle activities such as sleep deprivation and stress. At the same time, recent scientific research suggests hormonal levels and other factors like allergies play a role in whether pimples erupt. These days, acne treatment and prevention resources are widely available and Giana’s Face Mapping and customised skin treatments simplify this process.

Spots on your forehead

Breakouts on the forehead region are skin conditions that occur when clogged pores or skin infections cause inflammation. Improper digestion may also cause similar breakouts on the head. If you’re prone to acne, you could benefit from our consultation and face mapping so we can prescribe the appropriate treatment and products for you. To limit the use of any oil-based products is not always the solution.

Spots on your nose

There are more oil glands on the nose than any other part of your face. Nose clogging means that this is the area most prone to breakouts. Ensure to cleanse thoroughly and use a skincare routine containing ingredients that can help unclog pores. In Face mapping, nose acne has linkage to the lungs and heart. Lifestyle changes such as cutting down on smoking, getting fresh air regularly and engaging in regular exercise, drinking lots of water , lowering cholesterol are all easy steps to a healthier lifestyle.

Spots on your cheeks

Acne near the tops of the cheeks has linkage to the respiratory system. Bacteria from your phone and make-up applicators, touching your face too much, and not changing pillow cases often enough are all sneaky culprits in triggering cheek breakouts.

Spots on your chin

Chin acne indicates the biggest blemish instigator we all know: hormonally imbalanced skin. Topical treatments are best for flare-ups linked to menstruation and contraception medication. Hormonal acne tends to occur cyclically during these phases of our lives, affecting imbalances because relative androgen levels over estrogens increase during those times.

Spots on your jawline or neck

Acne on your jaw neck can happen if you aren’t careful about what products you use. Acne breakouts on the chin can be a sign of a hormonal imbalance. Some hormone balancing tablets may help with this problem internally. Engaging in activities that lower your stress levels helps. Starchy foods and unhealthy fat can also trigger acne. Drinking more water is ideal for dealing with problem areas as it helps cleanse your systems. During the pandemic there has been an increase in adult acne in this area caused by wearing masks continually.


The practice of face mapping is relevant. Along with Western medical science, the connection between organ health and skin health is the foundation of face mapping that may provide helpful information for anyone struggling with skin irregularities such as stubborn breakouts, hyperpigmentation, sensitivity etc. Giana’s Face mapping analysis service will identify your skin type and condition and allow our experts to prescribe you a personalised therapeutic skin treatment regimen. Book today to learn more.

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