Corporate Wellness Programs

Research shows that millions of working days are lost each year due to stress. According to statistics, stress places immerse demands on employees’ physical, mental health and wellbeing impacting their behaviour, performance and relationships with colleagues. Knowing how to manage the many different kinds of stress is key to managing people effectively.

Wellness in the workplace has become a necessary and common practice to businesses that are watching their profits and desire to keep employee productivity levels high and stress levels low.

Benefits of Swedish massage:

  • Many people do not pay enough attention to their posture, especially from being hunched over looking at devices.Repetitive motions and weak posture can cause a tremendous amount of excessive stress on ligaments, joint surfaces and on the muscles, that are required to hold the head up. Over time, the muscles will develop painful  trigger points, become weak and tight and lose flexibility. This leads to pain and breakdown.
  • During chair massage we focus on relieving a full range of upper body muscle tension and promote stress relief on the head,neck and shoulders.
  • Giana makes it easy to access physical, mental and emotional wellness right in your office. You could actually reduce absenteeism while simultaneously increasing office moral and an onsite massage program is a great place to get started. For those working from home, even better you can do it all in a manner that works for both your schedule and your office environment. We encourage regular corporate chair massages which can also be performed fully clothed, in a meeting room or in your office.
  • In this period and post Covid-19 where many employees are encouraged to work from home as much as possible, this is a great opportunity for employers to support their staff well-being by sending them any one of our treatment vouchers.
  • We offer 30 – 45 minutes chair massages ( options to incorporate lava shells and bamboo whichever is available) and we are flexible for shorter times of 15-20 minutes for teams of at least 10 people.
  • Enjoy a regular 30 minute chair massage for £25 per person.

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Wellness Days

  • For corporate team wellness days we can offer shorter times but will require teams of at least 10 members with each member having at least 15 minutes for an effective treatment. Prices are from £15 per person and paid per invoice.