skipping rope challenge

Wellness Skipping Rope Challenge

Dated: 3 February 2021

Author: Pamela Sithole(BSc, Aesthetic/Beauty/Massage/Skin Therapist, Organic Skincare Formulator)

It’s not easy to stay fit during lockdown even though you have plenty of time at hand. It’s during this pandemic that I have discovered the amazing benefits of skipping rope and...

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Beauty And Wellbeing

Dated: 22 January 2021

Author: Pamela Sithole (BSc, Aesthetic/Beauty/Skin/Massage Therapist, Organic Skincare Formulator)

It’s undeniable that every human being craves to feel good, happy and be in good health. It’s also true that what brings happiness to one person is not the same as...

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Giana Lifestyle

Dated: 28 December 2020

Giana invites you to a life changing HOLISTIC WELLBEING journey that gives you experiences that go beyond the power of touch but graciously bring healing and relaxation to the mind, body and soul in the comfort of your home or...

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