Deep Tissue Massage for Injury

Dated: 23 December 2021

Anyone who’s ever sprained a muscle knows how easy it is to hurt yourself while working out. Preventing, treating and strengthening your muscles can reduce the frequency of injuries and limit their severity. Deep tissue massage is a proven way...

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3 Reasons Why Massage is a great Christmas Gift

Dated: 20 December 2021

The gift of a massage is always an excellent gift for any occasion. Why? There are many reasons as to why a massage session can be great for anyone, whether it be for a loved one, family member or even...

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Lower Back Pain-causes and how massage can help

Dated: 10 December 2021

Back pain has become a common problem. People in the age group of 30 – 55 suffer more from it and in fact, nearly one third of the population in the United Kingdom suffers from lower back pain. There are...

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Swedish massage: Everything you need to know about

Dated: 25 November 2021

Professional massages that aid in relaxation and treat aches and pains are on the whole, something that we could all do with on a regular basis. Most professional therapists begin with the regular body massage also known as Swedish massage...

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Health Benefits of Therapeutic Massage therapy

Dated: 3 November 2021

Therapeutic massage refers to a massage therapy treatment that helps the soft tissues to reduce stress, decrease pain, and increase calmness. This type of massage can also have many physical effects on the body, which benefits people in various ways....

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3 ways massage benefits dry skin

Dated: 3 November 2021

Dry skin results from a number of factors. As winter is approaching soon, skin can become dry owing to harsh and dry weather. If you don’t take good care of your skin during winters, it can start to show signs...

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Benefits of Facial Massage

Dated: 5 October 2021

Face is the first thing we notice when we meet anyone. In this fast – paced technological world of today, we often tend to ignore our facial skin. A lot of stress gets buried under the skin which we are...

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Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Dated: 27 September 2021

Congratulations you are pregnant! It is a time of great change, both emotionally and physically. Such changes can bring increased tension in the muscular system and major changes in the body. So this is the perfect time to take care...

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why is corporate wellness important

Why Corporate Wellness is important for business

Dated: 12 August 2021

Corporate wellness programs are getting popular in recent years. But recently, the emphasis moved away from physical health to include mental and financial health. It is not only crucial for the employees but also to strategically impact your company’s culture....

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what is mobile massage

What You Can Expect From a Mobile Massage Session

Dated: 2 August 2021

Mobile or in-home massage is transforming the way people enjoy and benefit from massage. Now, people from all walks of life have access to a massage from the comfort of their own home. Mobile / in-home massages are becoming very...

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