3 ways massage benefits dry skin

Dry skin results from a number of factors. As winter is approaching soon, skin can become dry owing to harsh and dry weather. If you don’t take good care of your skin during winters, it can start to show signs of acute dryness and premature ageing. Dry, chapped skin isn’t just uncomfortable or painful – it’s unhealthy and makes you seem older than you are. It is possible to get rid of dry skin through massage therapy.

In this blog, we will walk you through the ways massage benefits dry skin and makes you look healthy and fabulous.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy on Your Skin

Massage hydrates dry skin

A massage therapy session is great for your entire body, but it’s especially helpful for softer facial tissues. Massaging your face with the right oils will help to hydrate the tissue beneath your skin because these oils are rich in nutritional oils such as vitamin E, jojoba oil, sesame seed oil, primrose seed oil, and almond seed oil.

Massage Rejuvenates dry skin

When you have a massage, your skin benefits from getting a lot of moisture out in the open. Beyond that initial benefit, a very nice perk is that by exfoliating first, the oil then massaged into your skin with circular motions, you’ll take away all that dead skin and leave younger looking , glowing skin with a smoother feel. Having the massage from head to toe will also give your skin a healthy, rejuvenated glow and soft texture after just one session!

Massage gives you healthier skin

Everyone knows that seasonal massage therapy helps you to stay healthy in the harsh outdoor conditions during wintertime. The skin is warmed up as circulation is improved and health becomes increasingly important because of the snowy, icy surroundings. The right seasonal massage will result in fresher, healthier looking skin, while keeping your vital organs strengthened and healthier.

Giana dry skin massage

Giana Full body buff is the perfect way to renew your skin all year round. Our dry body brush invigorates the skin when applied from the feet to the shoulders. Adding our nourishing moisturiser after will leave you with hydrated, soft and supple skin – well marked for up to 12 months!


Your skin may not feel it now, but winter is coming. Massage therapy can help you maintain a healthy complexion year-round. Once the dry winter weather sets in, you should start treating your skin to avoid being left with dry and chapped skin. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to have a bigger problem with dry skin conditions. Giana’s massage therapists can give you a massage therapy treatment that will give you healthy skin all year round.

Dry skin is also a sign of dehydration inside the body. Iit is generally difficult to drink water let alone drink cold water in winter. Coffee drinking is on the increase which does not help. We do recommend you continue drinking a lot of fluids including juices, soups and keep your body hydrated if finding cold water is difficult all the time.

To manage dry skin every day, our Eve Taylor moisturizing Body Butter or Rescue & Repair Moisturiser will help keep your skin replenished in between massages.

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